Interactive Geologic Map of Oregon

Northwest GeoData Clearinghouse

David C. Percy and Ken Cruikshank

New (July 2006) - Interactive map collaboration with Oregon Dept of Geology

This interactive geologic map of Oregon uses a digital version of the 1991 Geologic Map of Oregon by G.W. Walker and N.S. MacLeod available from the U.S. Geological Survey . It also includes layers available from the Oregon State Service Center for Geographic Information Systems.

Features include: Scale dependant layers, ie Geologic units are shown at the 1:2,000,000 when zoomed out, 1:500,000 when zoomed in. Similar functionality with Cities, ie only major cities shown up while zoomed out, while more show up as the user zooms in.

Special thanks to Meagan Holder for assembling the unit descriptions and references into a database.

This Web-GIS effort is still in progress, the list of remaining tasks includes:

(Beta version using Open Source tools, and showing thesis areas is being remodeled )


Lookup Unit Descriptions Interactively

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Map Controls

A descrition of map controls will be added soon!

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